About Us

HM is a big private media company established in 2015 based in algeria.

We offer our clients around the world latest top-class media services provided by professional experts. We cover news, conferences and elections in the world’s hot spots trying to help our clients have their job done well.

Offering top quality media services and news gathering  and satellite transmission services we became one of the largest and most trusted service providers in North Africa .

We cooperate with international, regional and local T.V channels and media companies, and we believe we can be a true partner to our clients by being the standard-bearer for quality of service, reliability and transparency.

HM offers an extensive range of services including SNG facilities, live shots, tape playout, field camera crews, ENG crew, editing operations, and studio facilities with live and tape transmission capabilities.

We are driven by values

Journalists at HM utilize a set of standards and practices that safeguards AP stories from bias and inaccuracies.